What is SunPass?

SunPass is an electronic system for toll collection, which is commonly used in Florida State. The system usually uses the Amtech active transponders, which have the windshield mounted on them. It is interoperable with the E-pass from the Orlando Orange County Express Authority, the O-pass that is operated by the County of Osceola, the Leeway from the County of Lee toll bridges and the Miami to Dade expressway authority. The  toll lanes on most toll roads in Florida State allow a vehicle to pass through the toll booth at a speed of up to 25 mph. This is normally a safety guideline and not a limitation of technology. Its violation may earn you a speeding ticket or an associated fine slapped on you and these are some of the reasons why buying SunPass is an important thing to do while visiting Florida.

The majority of the mainline toll barriers have been reconstructed with the open road tolling sun pass lanes, which take care of highway speeds. These toll barriers have specific lanes with full speed automatic toll collection at up to 65mph. SunPass portable transponders may be transferred from one vehicle to another without damaging them. The original transponders usually operate on battery power, which enables them to communicate with toll barrier equipment and operates audible and visual indications such as toll low, toll paid, and battery low, among others. Other reasons why buying it is important is that more highways in Florida are currently collecting tolls through electronic technology and do not accept hard cash. While driving on highways that have electronic tolls will keep you from being charged through the Toll-By-Date technology. This charge will have your photo of your license tag taken and processed and the bill will be mailed to you.

The Usage of SunPass

One does not have to wait for the operator of the tollbooth to give back his change. With the SunPass, you are allowed to pass through at a speed of 25 mph while other people queue in the cash lanes. Once you attach it to your windshield, the transponder will transmit radio signals to the sensors, which are usually mounted on the SunPass toll lanes themselves. The transponder will then instantly relay the proper toll amount which is automatically deducted from your prepaid account.

In other cases the costs of court charges, points on the driver’s driving license, its suspension, and registration may also be levied. The original transponder normally has three lights, which are red, green and yellow in addition to a buzzer. A special combination of the light and the audio buzzer will let you know whenever a toll is paid, when your balance is low and when the battery of the transponder is low. SunPass mini is the newest model, which does not work on battery power and does not have lights or the audio buzzer. The transponder and the SunPass Mini can only work when fixed on glass windshields and not on motorcycles. The SunPass mini sticker may be used as a portable device if it is affixed on a small square piece of glass instead of the windshield. According to the device’s patent, the sticker was specially designed in a manner that if it is removed a capacitor will be detached from a different one thus interrupting the internal circuitry, which prevents the usage of its sticker in case it is torn away from the windshield or glass.

It is at the moment incompatible with the E-ZPass and many other ETC systems found outside the State of Florida. According to the Federal Mandate which requires all the states to have in place interoperable tolling systems on their roads by the 1st of October, 2016 old transponders which were battery powered have been replaced with the current models which do not use batteries and can work with the tolling systems in other states. Turnpike Enterprise in Florida converted the Lee Roy Selmon to open road tolling which necessitated the usage of SunPass transponders thereby ending cash collection. This enabled the free movement of visitors and locals on both roads, driving through the toll barriers.

Who Should Buy SunPass?

The people who should buy SunPass transponders include anyone who visits and plans to have a vacation in the state of Florida from another state and also the locals who regularly travel on the highways, which have electronic tolls. For those who prefer saving time instead of waiting for long on the toll roads for change or for them to be served the usage of SunPass is the best way out.

How to buy a Florida SunPass

How To Buy Sunoass?

How To Buy SunPass?

When you plan to take a trip to Florida, it is important that you conform to the systems that are used there. It is also important to find out the usage of SunPass and how to buy it. Below are the steps you need to know when you plan to buy it:

  1. Step 1. Find out the payment method when buying: This will allow you to choose the payment method you want to use depending on the place that you are buying the transponder. You may need to prepare a credit card or debit card in case you need to buy it online. – These are accepted for online purchases. However, when buying from specific locations you will need hard cash, credit cards or personal checks.
  2. Step 2.  Find out the information required:You will need to have the number of your driving license with you, the amount you want to pay and the plate number of the vehicle you are using.
  3. Step 3.  Find out where you can buy them: It can be bought on the internet where you will be required to log on to the website for their purchase and sign into your account.  Then you will be required to key in the information of your vehicle and yours as well.  You may then enter the amount of money you wish to put into your account and link the account to your bank account or credit card.  You may also purchase them from retailers, gas stations or turnpike service plazas.  After you have successfully bought the SunPass, it is important to keep your receipt safely.

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